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Excellence Award Silver Statue

Alborz Darou is the first Iranian pharmaceutical company to launch the prefilled enoxaparin-sodium syringe with Enoxan brand in Iran

One of the largest pharmaceutical exporters in Iran

The first Iranian holder of GMP certification in the production line of injectable products and prefilled syringes

Alborz Darou has the largest and most equipped class warehouse in Iran

The first largest manufacturer of cardiovascular drugs in Iran

About Alborz Darou

Alborz Darou, the first largest manufacturer of cardiovascular drugs in Iran, was registered in 1976 under the name of “International Products”.

In 1979, it was renamed “Toli Pharma” and in 1984, it was renamed “Alborz Darou”. The company became a public company in 1996 and joined the list of stock exchange organization.

Core Commitments


Creating value for key stakeholders and contributing to sustainable development by promoting public health by selling and developing quality pharmaceutical products, and raw materials, increasing the productivity of human capital and information technology in domestic and foreign markets

Management Statement

Alborz Darou’s current strategies include developing cooperation with foreign companies, developing export markets, focusing on increasing sales of products with high profit margins, developing a product portfolio based on new market needs, developing and upgrading GMP requirements, and finally developing and improving internal and external communications with key stakeholders.


Alborz Darou Company provides the different types of drugs and supplements that are included in 13 general categories. For more information use the link.


شرکت البرز دارو دارای محصولات دارویی متنوعی می‌باشد که در 13 دسته بندی کلی گنجانده شده است. با ستفاده از لینک روبرو محصولات مرتبط با هر دسته‌ی دارویی قابل مشاهده و بررسی توسط شما عزیزان می‌باشد.

193 Drugs and Supplements

Alborz Darou Export

شرکت البرز دارو با صادرات محصولات با کیفیت و قابل رقابت در بازارهای جهانی نام خود را در عرصه دارو به صورت بین‌المللی نمایان کرده است.

اطلاعات بورسی و آماری

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Key Partners

شرکای کلیدی البرز دارو از مهمترین ارکان تصمیم سازی شرکت می‌باشد که می‌توانند ما را در مسیر خدمت رسانی به شما عزیزان یاری نمایند.